Hi! I’m Lucas,
a Web Engineer

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Hi, my name is Lucas. I am a computer science student at a German university. My passions are web technologies, web accessibility, public APIs, art, design, photography and tinkering with hardware. On this website you will mainly find my portfolio, but also my blog, where I write about projects that I do including everything I learn from it.



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Internship MINDWORKS Advertising Agency
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Mar 2017 - Present

Freelance Photographer TU Dresden
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Sep 2018 - Present

Main Designer var. TU Dresden Events




Europäisches Gymnasium


Bachelor Media Computer Science

TU Dresden

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Recent Blog Entries

post-thumb for Logo for Ohua
Logo for Ohua

In this post I want to describe how to create a logo and what thoughts went into making it.

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post-thumb for Electron Kiosk App on Raspberry Pi 3B+
Electron Kiosk App on Raspberry Pi 3B+

This is a full tutorial to get electron running on a raspberry pi 3B+, and how to make it stable, fullscreen, disable the screensaver, hide the cursor and launch automatically on boot.

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